Yi Pin Xiang

Yi Pin Xiang

If you are looking for a fine culinary experience, then you have to come to Yi Pin Xiang Restaurant. Come and know a new world of tastes and sensations in every bite thanks to our delicious meals. Our delicious meals are prepared by the experts with ingredients of the highest standards. Thanks our experience we intensifie every taste of our meal to a new level. Check our menu we have Sour and Chilli Soup, Chicken and Mushrooms, Beef and Coriander and more. Order now online or by phone and ask for our delivery service. Or if you prefer we wait for you for pick up at 735 Decarie.

(514) 748-8877

735 Decarie

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Yi Pin Xiang
Yi Pin Xiang

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Google Reviews
Yi Pin Xiang
george chan

-Now they are reopened. They still have very good dumplings. The other dishes are quite good as well. However, be sure to avoid the desert.-

Yi Pin Xiang
Yi Pin Xiang
Sophie Plouffe

-Amazing dumplings! A lot of choices, very fresh and tasty! And employees are always ready to help! Will order again for sure!-

Yi Pin Xiang
Yi Pin Xiang
Lesley Auchenbacher

-Really great dumplings. Their chicken chive dumplings are top notch. You can get them fried or steamed. Service was very friendly.-

Yi Pin Xiang
Yi Pin Xiang
Alex Rona

-A staple in St-Laurent. Their fried dumplings are a classic and their stone pot dishes are great as well!-

Yi Pin Xiang
Yi Pin Xiang
Brittany Alleyne

-Great Dumplings. Always hot and fresh. No matter what kind you get their great. Also the potatoe salad and cucumber salad are a must try. I love the spring rolls. Always super crispy and flavorful. Thank you!-

Yi Pin Xiang